SCA partnership improves timber package quality for US DIY retailing giant

6 September 2016

SCA Timber has partnered with engineering company Nyland Design to provide timber packages to US home improvement retailer Home Depot which are wrapped on all six sides.

Their partnership resulted in the development of a new automated packaging line to increase the quality of timber packages.

The development work was focused on SCA’s sawmill in Rundvik, whose biggest customer is Home Depot. Home Depot wanted its wood to be dry, clean and undamaged even in smaller packages.

“Although we are supplying timber of high quality, there are many involved in the chain before the timber reaches the end customer,” said Fredrik Wikström, business manager at Rundvik sawmill.

Common timber packages are protected by plastic covers, but open on the bottom, so the solution was to wrap them in plastic on all six sides.

Since installation, the new packing line has so far produced about 15,000 timber packages.