Stora Enso launches Wood House Effect

11 March 2021

Stora Enso Wood Products, a leading provider of sustainable wood-based solutions, has launched its new digital centre of excellence: the Wood House Effect. The digital hub aims to inspire and drive the construction industry towards a more sustainable and efficient future through greater uptake of engineered timber.

Compiling insights, research and expertise, it will showcase the positive and high-impact benefits of using wood materials such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) in construction.

Today, construction materials account for 11% of global CO2-emissions. To help mitigate the climate crisis, this needs to reduce, but at the same time, global housing demand is expected to double by 2060. The world needs a new approach to materials – and wood is part of the solution, said the company. Grown in sustainably managed forests, engineered wood elements represent a lesser carbon-intensive material than concrete and steel, while also making buildings healthier places to live and work in.

The content hub is underpinned by Stora Enso’s commitment to “talk about the Wood House Effect”, calling for industry engagement to promote understanding around the reasons to choose wood as a building material today and in the future.

“It’s important that everyone understands that in this critical period of history, there is a raw material that can make a genuine difference,” said Lars Völkel, executive vice-president Stora Enso Wood Products.  

“Innovative solutions and new technologies allow wood to replace concrete and steel not only in one or two-storey homes but also in multi-storey residential, public and commercial buildings. Today, we can build higher, stronger and lighter than ever before. Compared to the traditional construction processes with concrete and steel, we can reduce up to 75% of CO2-emissions when building with wood. And by leveraging the opportunities of digital planning and construction tools and increased levels of prefabrication, we can substantially reduce overall construction cycle times and costs whilst achieving higher quality standards, too.”

The content hub comes with a new visual style for Stora Enso Wood Products.

“In our industry we often work with architectural drawings, renderings and BIM models which are used throughout the building process,” said Cathrine Wallenius, senior vice-president, marketing and communications. But we want to accompany our important messages with real life glimpse of the warmth and comfort that comes with wooden buildings.”

Studies have shown that people in wooden buildings have lower stress levels, increased productivity, and higher creativity. This can be explained by better air quality and acoustics but also from biophilic design – human’s desire to be connected with the natural environment. When nearly 90% of people’s time is spent indoors, choosing the right materials makes a big difference.

“We need to have an industry with net-zero emissions, and we can come a very long way using wood, so it’s important that we get the word out and help others see what can be done. We have many stories to tell – it’s definitely time to talk about the Wood House Effect,” said Mr Völkel. 

Stora Enso has launched a digital centre of excellence, the Wood House Effect