TFT Woodexperts receives accreditation for new training course

31 January 2017

TFT Woodexperts has received accreditation from Proskills Global Ltd for its development of a Level 6 (Equivalent) Diploma in Wood Technology.

The course builds on TFT Woodexperts’ Level 4 (equivalent) Certificate, deepening knowledge of the structure and properties of wood, their influence on timber construction design and engineering, and effects on preservative and coating choices.

“The continuing rise of timber’s use in construction, driven by both climate change carbon reductions and offsite housing manufacture, has brought about significant demand for technical timber expertise,” Woodexperts’ director Jim Coulson said.

Mr Coulson said the Level 6 diploma course enabled graduates from Level 4 courses to continue their professional development.

“Projects undertaken at Level 6 can be of real benefit to both employers’ and candidates’ business futures,” he concluded.