Woodfuel – Frequently Asked Questions is a Forest Research factsheet which answers questions about woodfuel in non-technical language.

Forest Research, backed by the Forestry Commission and Defra, has also published The Quest for Sustainable Energy – Woodfuel Meets the Challenge. It details the benefits of woodfuel, the different types of woodfuel products, and information about costs, marketing and sources of woodfuel.

Mr Rollinson also introduced the Biomass Energy Centre website, which contains technical information about all forms of biomass fuels. The Forestry Commission has pledged a further £30,000 to support the centre’s provision of technical and scientific advice, information and best practice guidance.

“Climate change is the single biggest threat to the sustainability of life on earth,” said Mr Rollinson, stressing that woodfuel and biomass fuels can have an important role to play in mitigating climate change.

Key to developing the market is reliable information, he said, adding that the three new sources would be invaluable to those interested in using or supplying woodfuel or biomass.