WPA launches new accreditation Service

26 October 2021

The new CPA Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) has been developed in response to one of the key findings of the enquiry into the Grenfell fire, which confirmed that shortcomings in product information had contributed to the disaster.

‘Manufacturers’ of ‘Construction Products’ who choose to sign up to CCPI are agreeing to abide by 11 key requirements. The aim is to give confidence to those in the supply chain using manufacturer’s ‘Product Information’ that it is clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous and can therefore be relied upon when making decisions about using those products at any stage of design, specification, installation, use, maintenance and disposal.

To support its members and the wider market in adopting the CCPI, the Wood Protection Association (WPA) is introducing a new Training & Marketing Resources Accreditation Service.

“This new WPA Resource Accreditation Service is designed to help members, third party organisations and key stakeholders in the treated wood supply chain, who want assessment and endorsement of their resources – anything from product marketing and technical information to training courses,” said Gordon Ewbank, WPA CEO. “It will add value and above all add credibility to members’ product information, whether it relates to preservative or flame retardant treated products or to modified wood.”

Applications will be assessed against the CCPI criteria and the broader need to support good practice throughout the supply chain. Dependant on material, up to two experts from the WPA team will review the resource and issue a short report with suggestions for improvement (if any) prior to accreditation. On approval of a final version, the WPA Accredited Resource logo will be issued, which can be applied to the assessed material. Accreditation lasts three years, during which time the WPA will list Accredited Resources on its web site.

Please contact WPA for further details on how to apply for this value-added accreditation and for more CCPI related information, guidance and training resources. See www.thewpa.org.uk/resource-centre

The WPA Accredited Resource logo