Merger strengthens structural timber's voice

19 April 2014

The recent merger of the STA and UKSIPS will help to provide greater clarity, says STA chief executive Andrew Carpenter

Last week, we announced the integration of UKSIPS into the STA. It's been almost a year since we announced that the UKTFA would be relaunching as the Structural Timber Association and since the rebrand was made official, our organisation has gone from strength to strength. This merger with UKSIPS is a real boost for us, helping to create a united presence for structural timber in the UK construction industry.

We hope that by combining our trade associations we will help to provide greater clarity in the sector - making our organisation more comprehensive and really driving structural timber forward. By working together, we bring more technical expertise, knowledge and insights, which will play a vital role in our ongoing services to construction.

Our continued vision is to see an increase in the use of structural timber, thereby bringing further success to all stakeholders across the supply chain. By joining together, we can achieve so much more - building a greater profile around structural timber, and offering more solutions to clients looking for structural timber options.

With CLT and glulam manufacturers already within our membership, we really do now represent all forms of structural timber and can embody the best interests of the entire sector. Timber construction is the way forward in terms of energy efficiency, time saving and flexibility plus, as we have demonstrated in the past few months, timber is an incredibly reliable material. Since the change in market conditions at the end of 2013, we have been able to react to the upturn quickly and efficiently, while also easily meeting increased Building Regulations.

As the outlook continues to brighten for the UK construction industry, timber will play an increasingly important role in meeting the economic, social and environmental challenges the sector faces. It is therefore crucial for the structural timber industry to appear joined up and cohesive, rather than fragmented. We are confident that our all-embracing organisation will provide a stronger voice than ever before.

Andrew Carpenter