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August 2022


Thank you for the glulam
24 August 2022 The demountable Abba Arena in London is a masterpiece of hybrid engineered timber and steel construction and a building for our increasingly over-heated times, writes TTJ consultant editor Mike Jeffree

Figuring out the new normal
24 August 2022 Today’s combination of supply, price and cost issues facing the European timber sector is unprecedented. The solution, after 20 years of price stagnation, must be market appreciation of the true value of wood, writes Jean-François Guilbert, managing director of France’s international marketing organisation French Timber

Resilience in the face of swings in trading dynamics
24 August 2022 These days we seem to be beset by extremes all round – temperature, conflicts, inflation and big swings in trading dynamics.

June 2022


Fog of war obscures outlook
10 June 2022 Prospects for the softwood market have never been more difficult to read, writes Sampsa Auvinen, chairman of the board of the Confederation of the European Woodworking Industries (CEI Bois) and board professional

Species diversity key for climate resilience
10 June 2022 We must widen our timber diet to ensure future supply, writes Dan Ridley-Ellis, head of the Centre for Wood Science and Technology at Edinburgh Napier University

April 2022


SVLK Sustainability Credentials Stressed
08 April 2022 Indonesia’s development and rebrand of its timber legality assurance system is seen as potentially adding value to FLEGT, writes consultant editor Mike Jeffree

The Bumpy Road to Net Zero
08 April 2022 The UK panel industry is in the forefront of decarbonisation, but still faces challenges ahead, writes Wood Panel Industries Federation director-general Alastair Kerr

March 2022


Trade supply relationships more important than ever after Ukraine conflict threatens stability
22 March 2022 No sooner had Covid-19 restrictions dropped then war breaks out in eastern Europe.

January 2022


Festival of hope
27 January 2022 The World of Wood Festival showcased how developing timber’s market potential can contribute to forest maintenance and climate change mitigation, reports Timber Trade Federation FLEGT communications executive Lucy Bedry

COP26 could have done better
27 January 2022 New initiatives were announced at COP26, but some didn’t live up to the fanfare, according to Chiara Vitali, forest governance campaigner at forests and rights NGO, Fern

December 2021


Global forests need global governance
10 December 2021 Timber Trade Federation chief executive David Hopkins explains why legal governance of forests and forest supply chains must be a priority

Rising to the challenges of 2021 and beyond
10 December 2021 Sarah Virgo, campaign manager at Wood for Good, says the industry must make the most of the recent buzz around wood

Carbon takes centre stage
10 December 2021 The issue of carbon has been extremely prominent in the media these last few weeks.

September 2021


Coming to the defence of FLEGT
30 September 2021 Recent comments from the EC arising from the ‘Fitness check’ on the EUTR and FLEGT have cast doubts on the latter’s future, but Republic of Congo minister of forest economy Rosalie Matondo says we must build on this ground-breaking timber trade initiative, not undermine it

Back the COP26 timber beacon
30 September 2021 The UK timber industry has an unparalleled opportunity at COP26 to persuade decision makers that using wood is key to combating the climate crisis. But, says Keith Fryer of Fort Builders Merchant, a project to make timber’s case to the climate conference needs funding

July 2021


Log exports threaten europe’s sawmills
21 July 2021 Rising exports of logs from Europe are risking the future of sawmills across the continent says Nicolas Douzain, director of France’s National Timber Federation

Encourage waste segregation
21 July 2021 Mark Hayton, director of EGGER Timberpak Ltd, shares his views on the waste wood hierarchy and the importance of segregation

June 2021


The Definition of Resilience
15 June 2021 It’s been challenging times for the US hardwood industry, but production is rising and optimism is in the air, reports AHEC executive director Mike Snow

Confident your timber is correctly fire-treated?
15 June 2021 Most specifiers rely on their supply chain to deliver products fi t for purpose. Fire-retardant timber is a case in point. You’re given the paperwork to tick the box. But is that enough? And do you know what to ask to ensure correct treatment? asks Mark Eggleston, managing director of WJ Group

Physical event planned for 25th anniversary TTJ Awards
15 June 2021 It’s heartening to see signs of normal life resuming once again. Meeting up with others following the easing of pandemic restrictions has been a welcome relief after what has seemed like a long winter and springtime. I don’t know about you but it seemed like I had exhausted my narrow list of Covid-safe things to do.