Technical Operational Manager

24 August 2020

Dunster House Ltd continues to expand, 4 new Factories in 2021, and seeks an International Technical Operational Manager to fill that role, currently held by our Managing Director.


Can you demonstrate the following……………..

Understand Softwoods                           Yes   No

Timber Machinery Knowledge                Yes   No

Timber Production Efficiencies               Yes   No

Expert at Material Optimisation              Yes   No

Leads our R & D Activities                      Yes   No

Product Design Knowledge                    Yes   No

Carpentry/Building Knowledge               Yes   No

24/7 Attitude to succeed                         Yes   No

Autoclave Knowledge                             Yes   No

Environmental Regulations                     Yes   No

Business Acumen                                   Yes   No

Excellent Political Skills                           Yes   No

Business Development Expertise            Yes   No

Health and Safety                                     Yes   No

Leadership by Example                             Yes   No

Hands On Leadership                                Yes   No

Feedstock Reviewing                                 Yes   No

Identifying International Best Practices       Yes   No


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