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Forestry Conference to focus on ‘Next generation’
09 August, 2023
‘Next generation: Securing our future’ is the theme of the 2023 Forestry Conference, run by the CLA, Grown in Britain and the Forestry Commission.

All in the report
15 February, 2023
The UK Forest Market Report reveals a sector that continues to be ripe for investment. Sally Spencer reports

Resilience, resources and R&D
18 October, 2022
Rachel Lawrence, business manager at Grown in Britain reports on the organisation’s latest activities and the increasing use of British-grown timber

No signs of price recovery
18 October, 2022
Softwood traders are still trying to deal with the effects of high stock levels, reports Jerry Wilso

Forestry conference to focus on building resilience
01 August, 2022
‘Building resilience together’ is the theme of the 2022 Forestry Conference, run by the CLA, Grown in Britain and the Forestry Commission.

Not out of the woods
10 June, 2022
Confor recently warned that the UK faces declining supplies of home-grown wood due to lack of productive tree planting. With the country currently needing to import over 80% of its wood requirement, the UK could be sleepwalking into a timber shortage crisis in the not too distant future. Stuart Goodall, Confor chief executive, examines the threats to supply and why the UK must urgently move productive tree planting up the agenda

Making a stand on red oak
10 June, 2022
A leading furniture manufacturer decided to drop European oak for its new designs due to price and supply issues. Mike Jeffree reports

HomeGrownCabin takes shape
24 May, 2022
The HomeGrownCabin, the latest in the Grown in Britain research and development programme has been taking shape at the Birling Estate.

Auspicious year for trees and forestry
04 February, 2022
Delegates at the annual Forestry Conference heard how government policy and public support are aligned when it comes to planting more trees. Sally Spencer reports

2022 What lies ahead?
04 February, 2022
The tumult of 2020 was followed by an equally unpredictable 2021, but what will this year bring? TTJ asked key players in the industry how they think the year may play out

Coppice construction
01 October, 2021
George Fereday, associate teaching professor and technology co-ordinator for materials for manufacture and fabrication at the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the London Metropolitan University, describes the HomeGrownHouse project

Look, think and support local
01 October, 2021
Grown in Britain continues to explore new and innovative ways to add value to home-grown timber

Timber taps into carbon agenda
21 July, 2021
Structural timber is set to benefit from the increasing focus on net zero carbon. Sally Spencer talks to STA chief executive Andrew Carpenter

Roller Coaster Year for Softwood
15 June, 2021
The TTF’s softwood conference provided delegates with some insight into the extraordinary supply and demand dynamics of 2020 and made some predictions for 2021. Sally Spencer reports

An Unholy Trinity
15 June, 2021
Ireland’s sawmilling sector has had to deal with three unwelcome issues – Brexit, Covid and a lack of felling licences. Sally Spencer reports

Forestry rises up the agenda
24 February, 2021
The annual Forestry Conference, held during Grown in Britain week and chaired by the organisation’s chief executive, Dougal Driver, heard how forestry is rising up the agenda for politicians and investors alike. Sally Spencer reports

Innovation imperatives
27 November, 2020
There has never been a better time to be involved in research for the further development of wood products, says Dr Graham Ormondroyd of Bangor University, Wales

Backing British
30 October, 2020
Dougal Driver, chief executive officer of Grown in Britain, explains why it is developing a verification scheme for exemplary new woodlands

Home-grown housing
30 October, 2020
Architect George Fereday, associate teaching professor at the London Metropolitan University, explains the HomeGrownHouse project

The Three ‘R’s of Rebuilding Business
30 October, 2020
There is a growing demand for a national focus on retrofit, explains Camilla Hair