Revenues soar in Russia’s timber processing sector

22 August 2019

In 2018, total revenue of the largest timber companies in Russia included in Top 50 rating of the Forest Industry magazine, increased 37.2% to RUB650.7bn, according to Lesprom.

In only eight companies in the rating, revenue for 2018 was below 1 billion rubles (in the previous rating there were 15 such participants).

The threshold of entry increased to RUB622m from RUB385m in the previous year.

Ilim Group took first place in the rating. Its revenue jumped 41% to RUB155.7bn, while net profit increased 88%.

Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Industry was in second place. Its 2018 increased 19.8% to RUB65.8bn and net profit jumped 46%.

In third place, with revenue of RUB58bn (+ 32.7%) was Segezha Group.

The top ten fastest growing companies included three pulp and paper companies and seven wood processing companies and, as last year, it is the wood processors that had the largest revenue growth.