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TTJ Awards 2022 ready for launch on Friday
29 September, 2022 Winners of prominent trader prizes in the longstanding UK wood products industry event the TTJ Awards 2022 will be unveiled shortly after 2pm on Friday.
  • National Timber Group acquires SV Timber
    National Timber Group (NTG) has acquired SV Timber. This is the latest big step forward in NTG’s drive to be the largest independent specialist timber processing and distribution group in the UK, with a focus on value-added products and solutions.
  • Forestry leadership programme to help meet skills crisis
    As a forestry skills shortage threatens to impede the UK’s ability to meet net zero targets, the sector’s professional body has launched a leadership programme in a bid to drive the industry forward – but says far more needs to be done if the UK is to deliver modern sustainable forestry on a large scale.


Consider timber to tackle carbon emissions
25 August, 2022 Tabitha Binding explains why we need to be embracing natural carbon capture mechanisms to help tackle climate change
  • Magnificent seven
    An independent scientific study carried out by WPA and BRE confirms treated wood performance
  • An inspiring vision
    The American hardwood sector demonstrates how sustainable use of this type of forest helps to conserve biodiversity, forest carbon stocks and other environmental values, while also providing a reliable supplementary source of income for non-industrial forest owners. Timber market analyst and environmental specialist, Rupert Oliver, reports
  • Sharing a common vision
    James Latham’s managing director, Andrew Wright, talks to TTJ about his tenure thus far and how the company has survived and thrived during the last few years
  • Optimum short log handling
    Kallfass recently supplied a tailored short log handling solution for one of Juodeliai Group’s sawmills in Lithuania. Günther Jauk of Holzkurier reports


Thank you for the glulam
24 August, 2022 The demountable Abba Arena in London is a masterpiece of hybrid engineered timber and steel construction and a building for our increasingly over-heated times, writes TTJ consultant editor Mike Jeffree
  • Figuring out the new normal
    Today’s combination of supply, price and cost issues facing the European timber sector is unprecedented. The solution, after 20 years of price stagnation, must be market appreciation of the true value of wood, writes Jean-François Guilbert, managing director of France’s international marketing organisation French Timber
  • Fog of war obscures outlook
    Prospects for the softwood market have never been more difficult to read, writes Sampsa Auvinen, chairman of the board of the Confederation of the European Woodworking Industries (CEI Bois) and board professional