Swedish timber export rise charted

2 February 2016

Swedish exports of sawn and planed softwood were up 5% in January-November 2015 compared with the same period in 2014, according to Statistics Sweden.

Exports in November were up 2% compared with the same month last year.

Sweden’s biggest export market in Europe – the UK – accounted for 2.544 million m3 of the sawn and planed timber exports during January-November. This was up 4.5% on a year ago.

Planed exports to the UK increased by 7.5% to 1.608 million m3, while sawn pine shipments rose 2.6% to 552,400m3. Sawn spruce volumes reduced by 5.4% to 379,000million m3.

Sweden’s second largest market in Europe – Germany – saw sawn and planed volumes rise 7.4% to 969,300m3, though planed products were down 4.8% to 304,300m3. Sawn pine shipments were unchanged at 177,000m3, while sawn spruce volumes were up 20.3% to 486,800m3.

Declining Swedish exports to Egypt last year were demonstrated in a 13.8% reduction for sawn and planed products to 1.179 million m3. The bulk of this reverse came from sawn products, with sawn pine volumes falling 8.2% to 944,400m3 and sawn spruce exports reducing by 32.4% to 192,000m3.

For the period, sawn and planed exports to China were up 13.2% to 514,800m3, while the US market has recorded a big spike – up 88.5% to 246,300m3.

The Swedish Forest Industries Federation sends out all figures to the industry.