Swedish timber exports fall 2% in 2013

10 March 2014

Sweden’s exports of sawn and planed timber fell 2% in 2013 to 11.6 million m3, according to new figures from the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

The largest destination – the UK – saw shipments rise 2% to 2.3 million m3. Planed exports to the UK were up 7.9% to 1.39 million m3, while sawn pine was up 0.5% to 589,000m3 and sawn spruce decreased 13.2% to 330,000m3.

Sweden’s next biggest market – Germany – experienced a 5.7% dip in sawn and planed shipments. Planed products increased 2.4% to 320,000m3, while sawn pine reduced 13% to 251,000m3 and sawn spruce was down 6.2% to 464,000m3.

Europe-wide, Sweden’s exports decreased 4.1% to 7.1 million m3.

Africa also showed a 12.3% reverse at 2.27 million m3, while Asia was the biggest growth region with a 21.8% spike to 2 million m3. The Americas was up 18% to 148,000m3