CBR Engineering says it gives UK timber treaters an alternative, flexible option for developing their business.

The long-established treatment plant producer, which also manufactures technology for the power, chemical and desalination sectors, originally worked closely with one of the leading treatment chemical producers. Two years ago, however, it decided to manufacture treatment plant independently and give its customers the freedom to select the chemicals they wanted, or to change chemical provider at a later date.

“This is more the approach you find in Sweden and elsewhere on the Continent,” said CBR technical director Ian Allatt. “Whichever treatment supplier the client chooses, we will continue to provide service and maintenance support and work with them to optimise their plant to get the most out of the chemicals they’re using.”

Having achieved all the accreditations for treatment plant design, CBR has now installed three units in the UK and is working on a fourth.

The company manufactures all its products in-house, to date having supplied high and low pressure and creosote treatment plant, and it works closely with software specialist Treatment Services which provides Spinnaker control systems.

CBR, which exports its other engineering products worldwide, sees opportunities for developing its treatment plant business abroad as well as in the UK.

“We’re looking at Europe and also Africa, where we’ve already had a number of enquiries,” said Mr Allatt.

For more information visit www.cbrengineering.co.uk.