Probably the newest thermally-modified wood product to arrive in the UK has had to travel a long way.

When the first containers arrived in Methven, Scotland a couple of months ago, they had travelled right across the world from New Zealand. Now, the first products are in the market with several projects soon to be completed.

ABODO Vulcan is described as a “super timber” by distributor Glenalmond, which will market the product as cladding, decking, laminated beams and associated products. Its credentials include durability class 1 and it is described as virtually knot free.

It is also available finger jointed in any lengths up to 12m, removing waste, associated costs and improving productivity on site. CNC textured faces are also an option on Glenalmond’s new Weinig planing facility, which has recently started processing the first ABODO Vulcan products.

“ABODO Vulcan has two distinct price bands. Flatsawn, which will compete with Siberian larch and laminated vertical grain which will compete with cedar,” said Glenalmond managing director Fraser Steele.

“The fact that ABODO has just completed a four storey building (columns and fascias) in 400mm-wide cladding, and the internal and external joinery also to complement, says it all,” said Mr Steele.

He said the laminated beams will be of interest to specifiers and designers as ABODO VULCAN VG Laminated can be processed to manufacture a wide range of complementary interior and exterior products such as fins, deep reveals, staircases, doors, window components and even 9mm-thick wide section internal panelling which the manufacturer says has little risk of movement.

Vulcan’s stability is cited as coming from a synergistic combination of thermal modification with vertical grain orientation, while the durability class 1 rating puts it on the same level as Accoya, slightly ahead of WRC (Class 2) and larch (Class 3).

Another feature being promoted is a 20-30% improvement on thermal conductivity over the original substrate, while its acceptance of fire retardant treatments and its own range of water-based plant extract oils designed to work synergistically are other quoted benefits.

One signature application was Vodafone’s new ‘Innov8’ building, located in Christchurch’s innovation precinct, New Zealand. The building has been designed to the highest green building standards. ABODO Vulcan thermally-modified timber features extensively on the exterior elements of the building, as well as the interior.

It is the first commercial property in Christchurch’s innovation precinct to be awarded a Green Star Design rating from the NZ Green Building Council.