Portsmouth-based joinery and refurbishment contractor Ahmarra Ltd is boosting productivity by using bar-coding with its Rye CMS router.

  The technology has almost eliminated rejects and improved project programming to help the company supply custom-designed joinery and doors for up-market refurbishment contracts in hotel, city institutions and major companies.

Computer programs are loaded onto the Rye CMS PMC 18 ATC CNC router for each door batch and adhesive bar-code labels are printed out representing each program.

A bar-code reader, installed as part of the router’s automatic roller feed loading system, scans the label on each unmachined door, loading up the appropriate program for machining.

The PMC 18 ATC router, which cost about £180,000, is equipped with one conventional vertical routing head plus one horizontal head with a tool holder at each end.

The horizontal head cuts the mortices for locks and the slots for hinges, while the vertical head drills all the holes necessary for fitting of door-closers or other door furniture or accessories.

Machining on every door, regardless of specification, can be completed in one pass to minimise costs and maximise productivity.