System holder Alpine Automation has created a software package which integrates timber frame and roof truss software into one programme so whole buildings can be designed as an entity.

Alpine’s View Version 7 software consists of three sections. The roof truss layout/design software and the timber frame package PanelView are incorporated into one programme and this will soon be joined by Alpine’s Twin I-Beam layout and design software. All will eventually utilise the same AiMS database, allowing fabricators to price and manage both the trusses and timber frame as one project.

The 3D view of Alpine-designed truss layouts can be emailed and manipulated by the recipient, and many customers now use this feature to illustrate to architects and builders how a complex roof is constructed.

Alpine holds annual meetings with customers and managing director Patrick Martin said they are an essential focal point between the company and its customers.

“They afford our customers the opportunity to tell us what they want one year, before seeing them translated into reality the next,” he added.