American CNC specialist Northwood Machinery has entered the UK market with the appointment of Savecrest Machines as sole UK and Ireland agent.

Northwood, which specialises in supplying the engineering sector and only recently broke into wood machinery, makes its debut with CNC routers designed for panel processing. They are claimed to be among the fastest and most accurate in the world, with single or multiple cutter heads moving at speeds in excess of 75m per minute.

Northwood’s basic ‘B’ series of single-table systems for production of long, narrow parts is available in table size options from 60x96in to 60x144in. They provide an operating range up to 100in in the x axis and 156in in the y axis.

The LR series extends to 144x60in and the table orientation gives up to 200in in the x and 68in in the y axis.

The Northwood agency joins other Savecrest agency agreements: the IMA Group (machining centres), Anthon (panel saws), Heesemanns (sanders) and Wemhoner (presses).

The Northwood deal marks the first time that Savecrest has fielded a dedicated CNC router.

Managing director Geoff Reynolds said there was a growing demand from the panel processing industry for CNC routers that combined precision, speed, versatility and affordability.

‘A combination of speed and precision makes Northwood routers unique in global terms. With single or multiple cutter heads moving at these speeds, a Northwood router is fast and flexible enough to render a standalone beam saw obsolete,’ he said.