Arch Timber Protection saw the show as a chance to raise issues as well as unveil products.

“A key focus for us has been fire protection and retardants and what we see as serious risks and possible areas of confusion for customers in this market,” said marketing services manager

David Law. “In particular there are Euroclass claims being made out there for products which, we believe, do not stack up. We’re highlighting the risks and telling customers exactly what they need to look for in specifying fire retardants.”

Arch highlighted the performance and accreditations gained by its fire retardants Dricon and Non-Com Exterior.

“Dricon has been included on London Underground’s updated approved products register and Non-Com Exterior has been recognised as an approved product for new house build cladding by the NHBC,” said Mr Law.

New product focuses included Tanalith Clear and Tanalith E Creol preservatives.