Twenty years ago we were taking out grain printing lines, which incorporated filling machines, sanding machines, grain printing machines and banks of UV lamps and installing our roller laminators.

Today we have gone full circle, with Hymmen now installing high-speed filling and printing lines, with speeds up to 120m per minute. One reason for this is the quality of the printing which is now achieved.

Another growth area at the moment is in the joinery sector, with the high-end and architectural area looking to supply a finished product.

Hymmen Miller offers Venjakob auto spray machines which range from profile spray equipment to machines for high-volume spraying of high quality doors and kitchen cabinet doors.

Venjakob offers many advantages and its equipment with lacquer utilisation is high on everybody’s list. Using the coolac system on both profile and panel spraying plants, lacquer utilisation of up to 95% is achievable.

Using servo drive systems for the gun carriages and easily accessible elements for servicing, a smooth operation is guaranteed.