Almost all leaders of timber and wood processing companies will recognise a problem of a lost generation of the young and eager coming into our businesses. Do you have proportionately too many 35-45 year-olds in your team? The Learning & Skills Council discovered that 60% of 14-16 year-old school students have already decided on their career objectives. It seems other trades and industries reach them with their good news, so we must match them. We need your support to increase the frequency and scope of FEI‘s activities reaching young people.

Every bit of good news about our world of wood adds to your prospects of future, profitable business. FEI supports the concepts behind wood. for good, Forests Forever, and The Wood Awards, and their excellent promotion of wood sales. With FEI’s new focus on 14-19 year-olds, presenting positive wood-related programmes, we will create further momentum to support you. Yet we can only establish links between schools and the trade where the trade is willing to participate. With over 1,000 educators, local authority, professional and voluntary members of FEI Clusters already spreading good news about timber and wood products, the question to ask is will you, too, support FEI?

FEI, working with TTF‘s Education, Training and Careers Committee, UK Wood Chain and wood. for good, can spread the word on the vitality and sustainable ethics of our sector. What is needed is a modest funding contribution from all wood-related companies. FEI is devising a company membership programme to encourage your support and your practical involvement with FEI Clusters across England, Scotland and Wales.

Those of you soon to be or recently retired are ideally placed to give some time and effort to reach young people in your community. Offering a little organisation and a lot of knowledge could be of great assistance to the future of the trade. If you are interested to give a little back by being involved locally with a FEI Cluster, just e-mail, or phone me on 07796 12 1616.