To help wood coaters comply with new environmental legislation governing solvent emissions Becker Acroma is offering an advice service.

A revised Environmental Guidance Note for Wood Coating Processes (PG 6/33), due to be published shortly, will bring current legislation in line with the EC Solvent Emissions Directive requirements.

An additional demand on wood coaters will be the implementation of a solvent management plan covering not only mainstream solvent use but also emissions leading to solvent losses from the coating process, and an estimate of the magnitude.

Becker Acroma’s technical director Brian Loye said: “We are also subject to the environmental legislation and as a consequence we have, over time, developed an in-house expertise in solvent management.”

This, he said, put the company in a position to offer assistance to wood coaters in auditing their solvent usage and setting up a solvent management plan to meet demands of the new legislation.