Convoys Complete Cargo Care is looking to convert its main timber storage facilities at Chatham to work around the capabilities of the Combilift four-way fork lift.

The company said the positive experience of choosing Combilifts for one of its outdoor storage areas had increased stock capacity by 30%. It now plans to convert the other two main timber storage areas to work along the same lines.

Five Combilift C5000L trucks were chosen by Convoys, which has been handling forest products since 1920, after calculations by technical director David Rhodes showed the four-way five-tonne capacity trucks would significantly boost storage space at the 29-acre site on the River Medway.

When the five diesel-powered trucks arrived, aisle widths were immediately cut from 7m to 3.25m. Convoy said use of the Combilifts meant even the longest 6.2m length packs could easily be manoeuvred in the reduced space.

“By using these versatile trucks, we have been able to consolidate timber storage, which has improved handling for the operators and made locating stock quicker.

“Added to the increased volume of 30%, these changes to the handling and storage system have not only been good for our operations, but have also been beneficial to our customers.”

Mr Rhodes said the Combilifts gave the “best of both worlds” and could block stack, giving improved storage densiity when free stacking to a height of four packs of timber.

The C5000L’s forks are fitted with side shift to ease lorry loading.