With the issue of quality and finish becoming crucial to winning contracts and tenders in the shopfitting world, the Crusader Group has invested in sanding technology from Abacon.

Like many shopfitters, Greater Manchester-based Crusader is faced with increasingly demanding designs and ever-shortening lead times, requiring machinery which can be operated on demand for short runs or even single batch production.

Abacon of Sheffield specified two twin head Multisanding TopSpin KK machines complete with 2m wide floatation tables and SlipCon refillable sanding strip system to handle MDF components individually or in stacks.

MDF is notoriously difficult to edge sand, especially with larger pieces but Abacon says the finish is guaranteed even when mirror imaging components by selecting the twin head option. Each component is effectively sanded twice to ensure consistency of finish.

Abacon’s SlipCon strip system is available in four different configurations, from 56mm to 285mm, containing any combination of sanding strips/support brushes to a maximum overall diameter of 455mm.