Kingspan Access Floors has had to install a new dust extraction filter system at its Hull manufacturing site after a skip wagon severely damaged its previous unit.

Engineers from Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS) were on the scene immediately after the accident, which halted production on one of Kingpsan’s panel lines.

The collision collapsed the filter legs, causing the unit to come away from a factory building and buckling body panels, ripping out an inlet ductwork connection and lifting the fan enclosure off the ground.

Dewsbury-based DCS supplied a replacement Nordfab NFZ 2000 filter system, which was operational just 72 hours after the accident. The new filter meets the latest ATEX European Directive for explosive dust.

Kingspan maintenance manager Toni Ellis said: “The new filter is working well and DCS sited it further along the wall of the factory well out of the range of rogue skip wagons.”

Kingspan Access Floors makes and installs raised access flooring systems.