I would like to clarify a couple of points in the article on the launch of the Ecoplus System range of doors and windows (TTJ September 3/10).

Firstly to confirm that the new Ecoplus System is definitely the first range of windows and glazed doors to be manufactured in the UK entirely from FSC 100% timber. Nick Cliffe, director of the FSC UK, has stated: “FSC welcomes the new Ecoplus System, the first UK manufactured FSC 100% range of windows and glazed doors. Green Building Store have shown an outstanding commitment to offering products from well-managed forests and we wish them every success.”

Secondly, that this claim only relates to glazed doors (and not solid wood doors) and that it is specifically related to timber certified as “FSC 100%”. I believe that other manufacturers already make windows using FSC Mixed timber.

Chayley Collis

Green Building Store