Companies from the woodworking, wood processing and wood machinery sectors have the opportunity to broaden their European horizons through two events this spring.

Representatives from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany are travelling to Scotland for the Access Europe 2005 exhibition to be held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on February 22.

They will be able to give Scottish companies specific information on the timber industry and wood processing sector of their respective countries on a one-to-one basis. The Lithuanian Economic Development Agency will also give a presentation which will include information about the wood sector and the possibilities of business co-operation with Scottish SMEs.

The exhibition will be a prelude to the Trans-national Business Contacts Event to be held in Germany on April 28-29. Part of the pan-European Cross Bo project, the event will host some 200 companies from 13 European countries plus the Ukraine and Russia.

The organisers say suppliers, distributors and manufacturers will have an opportunity to meet over two days – and that the translation facilities are excellent.

For details of Access Europe visit and for the Cross Bo event e-mail