The increased use of contemporary timber products from sustainably managed forests can play a significant role in managing the global challenges of our time, including climate protection and sustainable development. At the same time, there is also a great need for information around the world regarding the diverse applications and unique advantages of modern timber construction solutions and high-quality timber products.

Even countries in which timber construction is already playing a significant role must still do more to improve the general conditions for modern and innovative timber construction. In this context, timber marketing activities that span across companies, such as the UK’s Wood for Good initiative, play a particularly important role.

In countries in which modern timber construction plays a minor role but which have great potential as growth markets, there is an even greater need for information and support from wood-producing and exporting nations.

The German timber industry has traditionally been among the global technology and market leaders and the German Timber Promotion Fund (GTPF) successfully promoted the use of wood both in Germany and abroad for many years.

Since the dissolution of the organisation and the discontinuation of its German Timber international marketing programme in 2009, the industry is working on new marketing approaches. The new institution “Wood Future” (Zukunft Holz GmbH) aims to continue selected tasks of the GTPF. This organisation is still in the start-up phase, and is currently offering technical advice for domestic timber construction. Wood Germany ( is the new international B2B marketing platform for the German timber industry. The platform offers basic information on timber issues and also introduces export-oriented companies and institutions.

The German wood industry has always made an important contribution to international timber marketing activities. The intention is to maintain this contribution so that the great potential offered by wood with respect to climate protection and sustainable development can be used to an even greater extent on a worldwide basis.