A €750,000 timber treatment plant billed as the first of its kind in Ireland is now in operation at Grainger Sawmills Ltd.

The 25m tank, supplied by IWT/Protim Osmose, has the capacity to treat up to 34m3 per charge and uses two treatments – Osmose’s Celcure AO (CCA) and AC500 Naturewood.

Grainger, of Enniskeane, County Cork, says the vessel’s uniqueness is down to its ability to accelerate the fixation of the CCA treatment by applying steam at the end of the treatment cycle. This means that timber unloaded is “touch dry”.

Grainger says current market demand means it needs to be able to treat with both products. But it believes an “environmental consciousness” coupled with increasing restrictions on CCA will lead to greater use of the non-CCA product.

The company’s treatment team is already working on wax water repellents and additives to further improve the finish, lifecycle and performance of treated timber.

Timber treated at the plant is used in the home, garden, structural, agricultural and industrial end uses. All production for the UK is marketed through Taylor Maxwell Timber Ltd/Timber Marketing Corporation Group of Companies.