Spark detection specialist GreCon has adapted to the increase in the volumes and speed of material flow in modern panel product processing and manufacturing plant with a new optical fibre detector designed for installation in the flow itself.

The new LLQ linear light polyp (LLQ) detector sits inside big drop chutes and can pick up any ‘ignition energy’ as large amounts of fibre pass over and past it.

“In large dimension chutes with dense material flows, detection with infra-red sensors installed on the chute walls has become more and more difficult,” said Robert Kuhfuss of the company’s UK arm GreCon Ltd. “Dimming of the light from the ignition source, such as sparks or glowing particles, from source to sensor optic substantially reduces detection reliability. The LLQ comprises a large number of optical fibres in a protected array and the bigger its proportions the more optimised the detection reliability.”

GreCon also highlighted its new user-friendly touchscreen control display system.

“It is based on the intuitive systems used in smartphones,” said Mr Kuhfuss. “Operators can zoom in on details without working through complicated menus and then quickly home in on any problem that occurs.”

In addition the company featured latest developments in its UV/IR and gas detectors which can pinpoint potential ignition spots inside large volumes of wood fibre.