As I write, we are half way through Grown in Britain Week and what a week it is turning out to be! I’ve just had the pleasure of presenting a Grown in Britain update at the launch of the National Coppice Federation. What good timing, as the coppice workers and those who use their products come together to present a united face for the amazing materials and woodlands they work with.

Good timing indeed. In the middle of a week that has seen us announce increasing demand for British wood product, and increased investment in woodlands as part of a natural capital framework and a stronger wood culture, harnessing the passion we have in this country for our woodlands and the amazing things they give us.

We are poised now to start to fully reap the societal benefits of British wood products, and wood products in general.

Grown in Britain week had an amazing start. On Monday we launched a range of British-made English ash furniture at Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road, London. The complete supply chain were present – the woodland manager (Selectfor and the Cranborne Estate, Dorset), the processor (Tyler hardwoods,

Wiltshire), the furniture maker (Benchmark, Berkshire) and, of course, the retailer. It is a supply chain that supports 60 jobs and has communicated the values of local supply chain, jobs and environment to the end customer, the home owner, through a short video "From tree to table" that is available on YouTube and

This is a great outreach vehicle for the wood industry, a story that connects the values and people to the product. The more we can help the public understand the importance of how our woodlands connect to the wood industry the better. We’d like to see more of these story videos, something for next week perhaps?

But back to this week. On Tuesday was the launch of the Grown in Britain report itself, this was presented by Dr Peter Bonfield to Owen Paterson,

secretary of state for environment and rural affairs to a gathered audience at the House of Lords. It reports the outcomes and achievements to date, and how we might continue. Millions of people have been reached in the seven months of the campaign and the support we have received has been amazing.

As an umbrella, Grown in Britain brings together our largest sawmills and our greenwood workers, our housebuilders and our charcoal makers, the ramblers and the wildlife trusts, those concerned with the health and wellbeing of the nation and talented designers; there is a place for everyone. An executive team led by Stuart Goodall (Confor) and Steve Cook (Willmott Dixon) will take Grown in Britain beyond this launch.

At the launch, the secretary of state commended Dr Bonfield and the team on the achievements and said "it dares and it does, a huge achievement that will help the rural economy enormously". These words I think capture the essence of the time well. The campaign has dared and has done, the government is willing to dare and do and we hope that the forestry sector and industry, government and the campaign will coalesce to collectively deliver and create a sustainable future for our woodlands, forests and timber.

? The Grown in Britain report is available at