Quantum Profile Systems Ltd (QPS), based in Oldham, has been around for over 50 years. Its current portfolio of products centres around wood-plastic composite (WPC) profiles for doors and windows, many of which are patented designs. The company recently passed the commendable milestone of producing eight million metres of its Qwood profile beading in the UK.

Twelve years ago, QPS started to develop beading profiles aimed at the timber door and window industry. The longevity of the windows in particular was never in doubt but often it was the thinner beading that compromised the design.

Manufacturing the beading from woodplastic composite material gives the window manufacturers all the advantages of wood but with added performance benefits. It can be handled, sawn, installed and painted exactly as traditional wooden profiles are, but does not warp and has none of the unwanted characteristics, such as knots.

Eight out of the top 10 joinery manufacturers in the UK now use Qwood profiles in their windows and doors.

Another positive aspect to Qwood’s profiles is that they can offer products that are FSC and PEFC certified, which has allowed the company to expand into Europe and export to markets that would have been closed without full traceability.

“We are the only WPC bead manufacturer in the world who can offer FSC chain of custody,” said Tim Hayes, marketing manager for QPS.

“There are three distinct product ranges for our profiles: standard casement windows, sash windows and door profiles,” he went on to say.

“Casement windows and sliding sash windows seem to remain as two distinct markets. Composite doors is a growing market for us and we offer several profiles for these.

This allows a door manufacturer to take standard door blanks and add our profiles to create a very attractive door.”

Looking at the level of business on the whole Mr Hayes added that the company sees major growth in exports in the future. “In the UK we are either already working with the major manufacturers or talking to them about our profile needs. So, we have a good handle on the domestic market.”

QPS is confident it can supply competing manufacturers with its flexible approach to custom profiles. The company has a standard range of profiles but can also design and manufacture bespoke profiles just for one customer.

“Every manufacturer has their own way of doing things, has their own unique products and varies the way they manufacture their windows,” said Mr Hayes “We currently have over 140 tools which are owned by the customer and are for their exclusive use.

“How this normally works is that we will go to a company, have a look at how they are doing things and how they manufacture the windows, for instance. We can then make suggestions on how they can adapt this to use our profiles. I’m amazed that even after all these years we still find customers ask us for new products that we haven’t done before or ask questions about something different that we haven’t come across. The market really is that diverse.”

The company has been an associate member of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) for over eight years and is actively involved in and supports the organisation. This includes being the main sponsor of the BWF’s Members’ Day which, unfortunately, had to be postponed this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

QPS is also a member of the Wood Window Alliance (WWA), for which Tim Hayes chairs the digital marketing committee.