Hundegger, the specialist in machining centres for timber-frame components, has added yet more functionality in its latest equipment.

The new SC3, launched at Ligna, mills, drills and marks truss and timber frame wall components and boasts two independently working feed systems (feed rollers and servo-driven gripper waggon) for rapid automatic positioning, accurate to within +/-0.5mm.

The single-operator machine handles dimensions from 20x40mm to 160/200x450mm. It has the option of a vertical mill unit to undertake a range of functions, including profiling rafter head and double mitre cutting stacked timber. And its saws can bevel from 0-90º, making it possible to cut slots on all four sides of the workpiece.

An even newer machine was the SPM2 Speed Panel Machine. This is designed to process the full range of wood-based panel products, plus drywall and structural insulated panels (SIPs) used in modern timber-based construction.