Scottish sawmiller James Jones & Sons had two product launches at the show – the Service Hole I-joist (SHI) and “the UK’s first and only fully home-grown I-Stud solution”.

The SHI duct plates enable large holes to be made close to a bearing point in an I-joist, which, said Brian Robertson, business development manager of James Jones’s Timber Systems Division, is particularly useful for services such as mechanical heat recovery and ventilation systems.

The plates, which are manufactured by ITW Industry, are exclusive to James Jones for six months and come in standard sizes to fit the company’s JJI-joist.

The company’s kiln-dried, FSC-certified C16 JJI-Stud was also on show.

“The I-Stud accommodates plenty of insulation and minimises cold bridging,” said Mr Robertson. “Plus, because it’s made from British-grown timber, it has a lower carbon footprint than one brought in from overseas.”