Komfort Office Environments has added a Bre. Ma CNC drilling line to its Chatham factory to bring versatility and speed to meet varying batch requirements.

The Bre. MaVektor GLR – XL2.5/H1300 line, supplied by Coventry-based Ney Ltd, is the fifth CNC machining centre to be installed at Chatham, the company’s principal panel processing mill for office furniture and interiors.

Space for the technology has been created by expansion over the past decade, with individual manufacturing functions being set up as independent divisions and moved to other factories. Company turnover now stands at more than £90m.

  Komfort’s CNC systems co-ordinator Nigel Elmes said the main advantage of operating the Vektor is the absence of down time in setting up for different batches, which average from less than 50 panels up to about 100 and can be batch carcassing or bespoke work. He estimates the Vektor is twice as quick as any other drilling rig on the shop floor.

The Vektor has twin programmable turrets, each carrying up to eight automatic tool changes, with a maximum workpiece dimension capability of 2500mmL x 1300W x 80T infeeding panels on edge via a vertical roller tracking system with a horizontal invertor controlled drive belt.

The twin tool holders are spindle mounted and accomodate a range of routers, single face drills, front/rear edge drills, 2 x 16mm vertical drills, a grooving saw and a hinge block with 52 x 5.5mm offset and a top edge drill.

Melamine faced chipboard and natural wood veneer panel throughput is around 4,000m3 per week.

Bre. Ma drilling lines retail from £120,000 upwards.