Kronotec AG has ordered a fibre dryer with a capacity of 50,000kg of oven-dried fibres per hour for its Kronostar Works MDF factory in Scharja, Russia.

The system, said to be the world’s biggest fibre dryer by supplier Leverkusen-based Schenkmann-Piel-Engineering-Gmb, is designed as a flash dryer, featuring a duct with 3,400mm, a fan for maximum fibre flow at 1.4million m3 per hour and a frequency-controlled drive with 2.6MW output capacity.

Air and material flow are separated via four cyclones, each with 6,300mm diameter and downstream rotary valve.

Different methods of heating provided include a combined 100% capacity burner with combustion chamber; flue gas from two boilers for solid fuel; and, at a later date, flue gas from a combined heat and power system.

Schenkmann will also supply five SPE fibre graders to remove glue knots, coarse wood and other particles. The plant is scheduled for start-up in April.