The weather-resistant coating provides extra protection during transport and when installed on-site and, according to BASF, is a “new and unique system for the finishing of three dimensional jointed and solid timber products in external and internal applications, leading Leaderflush to state that it meets all of its clients requirements and is now used on MDF products produced by the firm.

“The PermaSkin system was carefully evaluated with our customers before we concluded that it offers a uniform damage resistant finish that meets all our performance requirements,” said Leaderflush managing director Todd Altman. “Even when doorsets are exposed to significant abuse,” he added.

Mr Altman noted that hospitals and schools were prime examples of where Leaderflush would be installing PermaSkin coated doors as they demand a “very robust product”, with Brownlow School in Melton Mowbray recently installing a number of doorsets finished with PermaSkin.