The Lightweight Network presentation in Hall 17 is organised by the Lightweight Construction Association and supported by the likes of Homag, Egger, Leitz and Burkle.

It will feature displays from Hunger Möbelproduktions GmbH (furniture maker), BASF, Dendrolight (lightweight panels), Hettich (fittings), Christian Kröger (furniture components), Hafele (fittings), Kleiberit (adhesives), ThermHex (honeycomb cores), Renolit (thermoplastic films), Finsa’s Greenpanel (lightweight panel) Axxor (paper honeycomb supplier) and kitchen maker Poggenpohl. Their displays will be joined by special exhibits, including demonstrations of stress testing on sandwich panels.

The focus seeks to show how less material and greater innovation in design and production leads to superior quality furniture and interior finishing solutions, with the advantage of strong but lighter products which are easier to handle and transport.

"Given the current energy and climate situation and the fast-growing competition for wood resources for heat production, it is clear that lightweight construction, while by no means a new idea, is certainly one with a bright future," said a Ligna spokesperson.

The Think Light conference takes place on May 7 in the Convention Centre and will feature talks by experts from around the world.