At an informal luncheon held on April 21, 1937 it was agreed to form a club with the object of holding a weekly luncheon for principals or senior members of the brokers, agents, importers and shippers’ representatives in the London hardwood trade. The first luncheon was held at The Great Eastern Hotel on Liverpool Street, at which it was decided the London Hardwood Club should be formed, meeting every Wednesday.

In May 1937 the TTJ reported that "there is, we think, rather a special quality about the enthusiasm with which this new luncheon club idea has been received" and "…[the venue] affords facilities for the pleasantest intercourse between men with certain kindred interests; they may talk of hardwood, if they wish, in the free and easy atmosphere that the luncheon room provides, or they may converse on any subject under the sun, finding new points of contact, widening their vision, getting a better understanding of each other’s interests and views" and "…the club will also provide a platform for the introduction and exchange of ideas relating to matters of direct and specific concern to the hardwood trade" and "…hardwood men who visit this country from time to time will assuredly be numbered among the club’s guests".

The Club remains true to its founding principles, serving as a traditional yet contemporary forum for collective learning, sharing, debate and expression. The venue is now Armoury House on City Road, membership rules are interpreted more loosely, and meetings held less frequently, reflecting changes to the trade over 76 years; but with more than 70 members attending market meetings, guest-speaker presentations and New Year luncheons, the Club is in good health, maintains its relevance, international perspective, and serves as an industry voice.

Our aim is to identify and brief members on matters of concern, many familiar to past generations, such as credit insurance and freight, others more contemporary. Recent focus has been on European regulations, though we can look forward to Environmental Product Declaration and much more. For more details visit

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