Masterwood (UK) Ltd claims its Masterstair Windows-compatible software has speeded up the manufacture of straight and conventional winder flights on CNC machines at several UK stair makers during trials over the past 12 months.

Luton-based Cole Joinery, one of the companies to trial the package, says it saves between a third and a half of the time previously taken to make a staircase the traditional way. The company feeds in staircase dimensions and a cutting list is produced of all components requiring machining on its Masterwood Winner 3.2.

Masterwood will also soon launch two CAD/CAM packages to speed up door manufacturing on CNC machining centres. Masterdoorset, aimed at makers of slab doors, has a machine cycle time of around five minutes per door, while Master Traditional Door software, intended for use with stile and rail doors, is claimed to reduce the cycle from two hours to around eight and-a-half minutes.