The makers of an all-terrain tractor unit hope to make inroads into Scotland’s forestry sector if a proposed ban on heavy trucks using public C class forest roads comes into force.

Yorkshire-based Multidrive Ltd says local councils are concerned that the imminent increase in harvesting across Scotland and the associated rise in heavy lorry movements will have a negative impact on forest tracks and roads and alternative transport arrangements are being sought.

The company recently upgraded its Multidrive mechanical-drive tractor range, which saw the first use of the new ZF mechanical automatic transmission in such a vehicle, and it has already been evaluated by one potential forestry customer in Scotland. Until now its main market has been in agriculture as a self-propelled sprayer or spreader.

Multidrive’s Geoff Tinkler said: “Overall, the fully loaded Multidrive tractor/trailer unit made very little impact on the road surface and we are hopeful that we have a found a solution to this important local issue.”

The range provides three different engines from 140-185hp, together with three different chassis, with wheelbases from 3.5 to 4.2m. This provides a stable platform to mount a crane and load, with top-of-the-range vehicles able to carry 10 tonnes.

The 140hp units are priced from £49,750, while the 185hp vehicles start at £56,000.