Jim Ball has been appointed as the chair of the Commonwealth Forestry Association, taking over from Professor Jeff Burley.

Mr Ball, who has been vice-chair of the CFA since 2003, has extensive experience of forestry in the tropics and also worked for the FAO, based in Rome.

Mardi MacGregor, partnership manager for the England Forest Industries Partnership, is the new vice-chair.

Outgoing chair Jeff Burley acknowledged that over the past two years the CFA has experienced some ups and downs but was optimistic about the future. “We have come through a period of restructuring which has seen us re-examine our role in the international forestry community,” he said. “I believe we are now better equipped than ever to provide the information needs of modern foresters and also to support the next generation of young foresters. Membership of the CFA now offers more than it ever has and I wish Jim and Mardi all the best with implementing their work ahead.”