Ney Ltd‘s UK launch of a new vertical beam saw by Egurko Ortza is predicted to change attitudes towards board sizing.

The Ideal 38, seen for the first time in the UK at Woodmex, is said by Ney to have a 30% higher production output than a conventional front loading beam saw and uses half the amount of floorspace.

It has a cut height of 90mm in standard form with an optional 120mm available. The panel stack is secured in position for rip cutting by a pressure beam prior to length cut panel strips being fed individually through a cross cut station.

Ney says an advantage of the panel stack is that components come off the saw individually and can be transferred by a single operator to an edgebander.

The Ideal 38, which retails at around £80,000, can be sited against a shop floor wall, making practical use of floor space most production machines cannot utilise.