Global panels manufacturing giant Arauco hosted a launch in September of new additions to its Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) collection available in North America.

What is particularly interesting about the new additions to its Prism TFL range is that they are very much designed to chime with people’s requirements in the circumstances of the global pandemic and to help foster a sense of wellness.

Arauco North America normally holds launches in conjunction with industry trade shows but due to the pandemic it held a live virtual event on September 16 for the architecture, design and fabricator communities to showcase the designs and hold a Q&A session. To date nearly 1,400 people have viewed the launch – either live or the on-demand version.

Prism Collection

The Arauco Prism TFL collection features 93 different designs offered in six standard finishes and it takes in woodgrains, commodity solid colours, prints, abstracts and speciality colours.

By far the largest decorative category is composed of a variety of woodgrain designs.

The launch comprised 11 new designs for Prism TFL, introducing seven authentic woodgrains and four versatile uni-colors inspired by holistic design, mixed media in décor, and textural realism.

The new collection includes four new pines in the Cascada Series, standard with deep, authentic Boreal texture. In nuanced shades of cocoa, charcoal, misty white and espresso, these new designs help create a comfortable balance between natural elements, solid colours, metallics and stone finishes.

Abiqua Pine, Benham Pine, Koosah Pine and Wallowa Pine are the new additions.

In the Nordica Series, the debut introduces one new ash (Presten Ash), in velvet texture, to bring the illusion of open space to urban living. This bright, delicate wood look with soft neutral undertones brings understated elegance and minimalism to the indoor environment.

Other new woodgrains include Enigma, standard in Boreal texture, which plays with trends of butcher block and herring bone.

This textural and unique interpretation of a walnut décor is at home in a wide variety of applications.

The last new woodgrain is Castanho, standard in Boreal texture, and is a multidimensional, umber tone with careful blue hints and light saw marks that add a rustic element to this chestnut woodgrain, creating a visually compelling impression.

In the Accentz Solid collection, four new solids are added, standard in Velvet texture.

These uni-colours are developed to combine with Prism’s exclusive collection of designerfriendly woodgrains and patterns.

The new colours are Duke, a compelling yet tranquil blue green; Celadon – a sage green with soothing grey undertones; Quarry – a sun bleached neutral, between limestone and granite; and Adobe – a time-honoured stoneware clay that adds optimism and warmth.


Cathy Hummer, Arauco North America TFL design manager, said the new designs lend creative balance to the designer’s palette with comfortable yet fresh colours, earthy and rustic elements, and bold textures that add dynamic to any space without being overpowering.

During the launch Ms Hummer gave a summary of how TFL was made by thermally fusing resin impregnated décor paper directly to an MDF or particleboard substrate, with the finish or texture created by steel press plates which emboss the surface of the board to enhance the realism of woodgrain, stone or abstract.

She described the product as a good option for applications such as office furniture, storage systems, healthcare, hospitality, store fixtures and cabinetry.

“We started working on this year’s collection in January 2019,” she said.

“We focused on megatrends like globalisation and a shift from rural to urban areas. We remained mindful of our individual and collective responsibilities to the environment and focused on the evolution of connecting and mobility.

“We focused on how these megatrends impacted us in our homes, offices and our shared spaces. It’s no surprise that current events have people feeling uncertain and in need of both practical and beautiful solutions for the spaces around them.

“Whether it’s working from home or spending valuable time with loved ones, wellness is at the forefront of everybody’s minds. Our focus on holistic wellness and human centric design was the inspiration for this launch, looking to the healing qualities of nature, we curated a collection of solids and woodgrains that provide a sense of calm and brightness to the spaces where you live your lives.”

John Verzino, TFL business development manager, said Arauco North America’s PRISM TFL production was vertically integrated with the company’s particleboard and MDF substrate manufacturing, and its paper treating capabilities.

The Sault Ste Marie MDF mill in Ontario has its own independent TFL line, while the St Stephen MDF facility in New Brunswick has a thin product line that supports its TFL line. The Bennetsville particleboard plant in South Carolina also has a TFL line, while the modern Grayling particleboard mill in Michigan undertakes TFL routing operations. The paper treating mill in Biscoe, North Carolina is where all Prism exclusive colours are treated.

Prism TFL is available with moisture resistant and fire-rated options, as well as options for VESTA ULEF technology and InCopper antimicrobial protection.