Growth at Starbank Panels has led to a factory extension and the purchase of new machinery.

Family-run Starbank, based in Newton-le-Willows, recorded a 35% increase in overall revenue in 2000 and approaching 40% this year. The growth has been experienced in the sales of office and skills based furniture and a range of cubicle systems.

New machines which have recently arrived on the factory floor are a Homag double-sided edgebander and a Homag CNC automat, costing in the region of £250,000.

A new 10,000ft² factory extension has just opened, providing extra warehousing space and increasing total floor area by a third.

A woodwaste incineration unit is also being installed.

Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS) has upgraded woodwaste extraction facilities at every phase of growth.

At each stage new Nordfab NFK 2000 1 HJLY superbag filters were added with CombiFab fans in support.

Starbank production director Philip Derbyshire said the fansets are reliable and quiet, while the Nordfab NFK system overall is flexible and easy to extend on an as-needed basis.

DCS is adding to existing ductwork runs at each new phase, using clean air return galvanised ducting in support of factory heating during the winter.