A survey by Sagetech Industries Ltd has revealed that an increasing number of small timber and builders merchants are investing in vertical panel saws so they can cut material to size for customers.

Sagetech managing director Keith Bunker said: “Our customers are finding that the payback on investing in one of our KoolKut vertical panel saws has been fantastic.

“The trend is following that of the plastics industry in that tradesmen are getting their panels cut to size by distributors. We have looked at what sheet merchants were selling before they had a saw and what they have sold afterwards and there is a significant difference.”

W Young Builders Merchants in Purley has replaced its ageing table saw with a KoolKut KK12 vertical panel saw which, at a cost of £2,995, it said was the right tool for the job at the right price.

Young’s director Vince Roberts said he made the purchase after a customer left the premises because there was no facility to cut sheets to size.

He said: “I thought, I’ve just lost a customer there, and with the KoolKut I wouldn’t have.”

The company has also found the KoolKut considerably more compact than the old table saw, as well as more accurate and significantly safer. The machine also only needs one operator whereas the table saw could require two or three people.