Bespoke in-frame cabinetry specialist Davonport Furniture has installed a new sander to back up the manual work carried out by its craftsmen.

The small Colchester company bought a Series 3300 Timesavers-Sandingmaster wide belt sander to replace its elderly Sandingmaster. It is being used to sand veneered panels, hardwood doors (mainly oak, maple and walnut) and MDF.

Richard Davonport, managing director, said: “It sands everything. We even put drawer boxes and cutlery trays through it to flatten them off, and use it to thin down 8x4ft MDF and plywood sheets that are needed as laminates.”

He said the Sandingmaster had speeded up production by reducing operator set-up time and taken away the possibility of errors.

  The 3300 series offers calibrating and veneer sanding in one machine and features a Lindomatic control system. Davonport Furniture’s machine, supplied by Leicester-based TM Machinery Sales Ltd, has a working width of 1350mm and can handle materials with thicknesses from 2mm-150mm.

Timesavers-Sandingmaster machines cost from £7,000 upwards.