A West Yorkshire cut-to-size panels business is rapidly expanding with about £900,000 invested in machinery over the past 12 months as it re-focuses its business into routered components for the leisure and furniture industries.

S&C Timber, of Knottingley, has also recently taken a controlling interest in Devon furniture manufacturer Jenner Davey, which has the patent for powdercoating of wood where pre-heating is required.

The extension of the business into the routering market has seen four SCM routers installed at S&C’s factory at a cost of £750,000, with a fifth to be introduced in January. A £150,000 Homag panel saw was also purchased earlier this year.

Several factory extensions have increased production space to 50,000ft2, while a 17,000ft2 distribution centre has been opened nearby.

The company says demand from its growing customer base for finished component kits in high volumes but with long high quality finishes and low prices is continuing to stretch it in new directions.

S&C’s managing director Keith Slinger says the key success factor in this sector is the availability of high quality powdercoated MDF as a consistent high volume process.

The purchase of a 51% controlling stake in Jenner Davey will allow S&C to further develop its powder coating and furniture component business.

Mr Slinger says powdercoating gives a tough, scratch-resistant surface all the way around components, negating the need for edgebanding machines.