Theatre and telescopic seating system specialists Auditoria Services has made a “significant” investment in a new SCM technology to offer a wider product range and automate finishing.

The company’s products are used in the corporate, entertainment and educational sectors, and often bespoke designed to customer specification. It recently expanded its Rotherham factory to accommodate a powder coating plant, and also installed a range of other new technology to meet demand.

Previously, the system it used for edge shaping, sanding and spray finishing MDF components left some hand finishing to be done on site and managing director John Penistone said it needed a solution that did the job better and could also provide a wider range of surface and edging colour.

“Because of the large dimensions of some panels, small contour edgebanders and trimming machines were not an option,” he said.

The machine the company selected from SCM Group UK is a Universal HPL Edge Morbidelli CNC combined routing and edge banding machining centre.

This features a 4900x1850mm table, an 8.5kw routing head with an 18-position rear-mounted tool changer and a 26-spindle vertical and horizontal drilling unit. A removable aluminium solid work table has been added for panel nesting.

Edging is fed from a magazine holding up to six different types or colours and automatically cut to length, while top and bottom edge trimming is performed by a combined trimming and scraping unit fed from the the tool changer, reducing changeover time .

Mr Penistone said Auditoria had been impressed with the machine’s performance.

“We had initial hiccups as it is new technology to us, but it’s now providing straight and curved panels to a high finish quality and we can offer cusomers whatever they want in shape and colour.”