The purchase of two new CNC controlled cross-cut saws by Scotframe means it can now download cutting instructions direct from its RCS design software.

Scotframe, a Scottish manufacturer of timber frame house kits, bought the H&M saws for its Aberdeen factory through JJ Smith Woodworking Machinery.

Operations director Alan Cruickshank said: ‘The new system is an advantage in that output is higher due to better utilisation of the operators’ time.’

One of the saws is a four axis machine for cutting compound angles (for hip rafters) as well as straight components. Its 700mm diameter blade can cut up to 200mm high.

Both machines cut normal angles and straight sections. A new semi-automatic infeed is linked to one of the saws to provide a continuous flow of timber.

New Domino Inline inkjet printers add panel or joist numbers direct onto boards, eliminating another job for operators.

JJ Smith refurbished the old sawing equipment and fitted it with modern software links to RCS before installing it at Scotframe’s Cumbernauld facility.